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Beat Me! submission to me is freedom... the freedom to just be a little whore pig for You. i am raven, Your submissive little hottie, there isn't any form of BDSM that i am not into, i am available to do it all for You. i will take all the pain for You Master and then i will beg You for more. Being a little cum rag is what i am good at, my voice is extremely innocent, young and cutesy. i am very experienced in Xtreme age-play, force sex, every type of BDSM, family fun, if You want it i want it, i will do anything possible to make you happy!

Random act’s of violence really make my cunt wet! i know i look like a little girl but i need You to fuck me like a fucking whore! i am into doing ANYTHING You want to please You... and make you proud of me. i want to be Your dirty little cum whore, and i know that You will have to fuck other girls in front of me and i accept that. i understand that i am the lowest form of slut, a submissive little cum bucket for You, i am here for You to use, i am hoping You will fill all of my perverted little subbie socket’s at Your convenience, then punish me for liking it so much. i know sometimes i will have to find younger, tighter girls for You, i am willing to go to ANY lengths to make You happy with me, ANY LENGTHS.

Fuck My little hole! Some times i do bad things on purpose, so You will punish me, i guess i need more training.... i don't know why i do it, defiance, punishment, pain, pleasure it all starts to merge together and not make sense to me, and i can be very good for a while, but i love to touch my little pussy, i will beg to touch it, i know i deserve to be punished severely when i disobey You, and i am at peace with that.

i will do everything You want me to, no matter what You ask, i have no preference except that You are well taken care of, there is just one thing.... please.... please let me try and earn Your cum. i would give anything to suck Your cock, but if You reward me with Your cum, i will be eternally grateful. Hear me beg for it in my little girls voice, i am young and naivet�, i am really not very "worldly" at all. i have SO MUCH yet to learn, but i am willing to take lessons, i need a Master who will use every little inch of me.... *sigh* that would be a dream cum true!

submissive little hottie raven

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